Log Replacement and Rot Repair

The three most common problems causing logs to fail are moisture, UV damage and insect infestation. In most instances, it is moisture that starts the deterioration process, but the common causes of deterioration are usually triggered by the following conditions:

  • Shrubs or trees to close to the house.
  • Logs (especially log ends) exposed to rain water run-off.
  • Dark areas where snow builds up.
  • High concentration of sunlight without proper surface protection.

Once moisture penetrates the logs, insect won’t be far behind. UV stress is another common problem. Without proper protection from the sun’s rays, the logs will breakdown, become brittle and, once again, become a perfect habitat for insects.

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Over the years, we’ve seen it all many times. We have replaced single logs and whole sides of homes with extensive rot – some on fairly new homes and cabins that date back to the late 1800’s.

The replacement process requires a great deal of attention to detail. To begin with, we make sure we have the right species of the logs to be replaced, can recreate the style of log so it matches, and insure that the cause of the problem is resolved before we complete the replacement process. We also do our best to match the stain, but in many cases the stain has changed color due age and we have to re-stain the entire area to blend in the repair. We also recommend that the new logs be treated with a borate solution to prohibit any future pest infestation.

Log replacement may also call for some structural work to insure that the replacement log(s) are properly aligned and fitted – especially in weight bearing areas like corners, around doors and windows and along the sills. We have the experience and carpentry skills necessary to reconstruct these areas. We are skilled in installing or re-installing windows, doors, and trim as well as repairing decks and porches. We are very adept at making it match to the original structure and giving the repair that seamless look.

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“High Country reconstructed some logs rotted out by exposure to snow. Their craftsmanship was first class and the logs looked just like the originals.”

Ben, CT

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